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Mechanics and Mathematics

Foundation:Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was founded in 1940 after a restructuring of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

Departments: Algebra and Mathematical Logic; Geometry; Integral and Differential Calculus; General Mathematics; Mathematical Analysis; Mathematical Physics; Continuum Mechanics; Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; Probability Theory, Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics.

Structural units: 2 research laboratories, four teaching laboratories, Informatics Centre.

Bachelor: Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics

Majors: Mathematics, Applied and Theoretical Statistics, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Computer Mechanics.

Specializations / educational programmes: Algebra and basics for the protection of information, Actuarial (insurance) and Financial Mathematics, Computer Mechanics, Geometry and Topology, Differential Equations, Informatics and Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical and Functional Analysis, Mechanics of Continuous Media, Probability Theory and the Theory of Random Processes, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

Dean: Mykhailo Fedorovych Horodniy, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology, Professor.

Availability of hall of residence: yes

Courses offered in a foreign language: Master’s students have the opportunity to study Majors in Mathematics, Applied and Theoretical Statistics, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Computer Mechanics in English, also Master’s students have the opportunity to study certain subjects in English.

Famous graduates: graduates of the Faculty of more than 40 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences, and 5 of them are headed by research institutions of NAS of Ukraine: Academician A. M. Samoilenko – Institute of Mathematics; Academician I.V. Serhiyenko – Institute of Cybernetics; Academician V. M. Heyets – Institute of Economic Forecasting; Academician V. T. Hrinchenko – Institute of fluid mechanics; Academician A. N. Guz – Institute of Mechanics.

Address: 03127, Kyiv, 4E, Academician Glushkov avenue