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Faculty of Geography

Establishment: 1933

Departments: Economic and Social Geography, Regional Studies and Tourism Geography of Ukraine, Physical Geography and Geoecology, Physical Geography and Geomorphology, Meteorology and Climatology, Hydrology and Hydroecology, Geodesy and Cartography.

Divisions: one research laboratory; one research sector; educational laboratories: information technologies in geography; geodesy and cartography; geographic information and tourism; synoptic; environmental landscape.

Specialties: economic and social geography, natural geography, geomorphology and paleogeography, recreation and tourism geography, political geography and geopolitics, tourism science, meteorology, hydrology, cartography, land management, and cadastre.

Specializations / educational programmes: international ecology cooperation, ecology of landscape, recreation and tourism geography, geomorphology and paleogeography, the geography of soils and land use, international tourism management, design and management of tourism systems, allocation of productive forces and regional economy, management of regional development, regional geography.

Dean: Yaroslav Oliynyk, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Commander of the Order “For Merit” third degree, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding member of NAPS of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Economic and Social Geography.

The presence hostel: yes.

Military Department: a training program for reserve officers on contract at the Military Institute the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Teaching subjects in a foreign language: Landscape and Biological Diversity; Geoecological Foundations of Sustainable Development; Global Environmental Problems; Globalization and International Environmental Co-operation; Management of Projects and Programs in Physical Geography; International and National Spatial Data Infrastructure; GIS Designing; Geography recreation and tourism international cooperation’s; Geoecological Foundations of Sustainable Development. Sustainable tourism; Life Safety; Geography recreation and tourism international cooperation’s; Sustainable Development and recreation; Geography of Culture and religion; International organizations in tourism; Technology Hotel and Restaurant Business; Hazardous Processes in the Environment; Human Geography; Geoinformation Management; Tourism adeptness (by type); Designing and management of tourism systems; Atmospheric weather system; Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change.

Dual Certification Program: training of master program “Design and management of tourism systems” with the University of Macerata (Italy).

Outstanding graduates: Valentyna Shevchenko (1935) – Ukrainian Soviet politician and social activist; Valeriy Shmarov (1945) – Ukrainian politician, vice-prime-minister Defense Minister of Ukraine (1993-96); Leonid Rudenko (1941) – acknowledged scientist-cartographer, director of the Geography Institute NAS of Ukraine, academic of NAS of Ukraine; Volodymyr Osadchyy (1955) – Ukrainian hydrologist, hydrochemistry, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine (2009); Nikolai Kulbida (1955) – acknowledged specialist of the State Service Unusual Situation (SSUS) in the weather forecast, director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center SSUS of Ukraine (since 2011).