This is informative website for foreign students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
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Cost of Living

Kiev apart from being a capital city is not too expensive. You can find a variety of supermarkets cafes from normal to expensive range. For a normal student life, you need 100 to 150 USD per can find very cheap public transport. Internet and telephone are also very much affordable in all Ukraine. Eating outside on weekends, students can also manage all these expenditures in the above-mentioned amount.


Food items are of hygienic and good quality and above all, it is of a very low price. If you eat from university mess it is also quality food at a low price.


Textbooks are provided by the University Library.


Transport is also very cheap in Ukraine you can spend the whole month in a very small amount. For money transfer from your country, we suggest you use online transactions, as it has made the procedure easier as compared to cheques.


Students get 40% off the regular price on Train and Bus Tickets.


After your arriving, we suggest you open bank accounts as soon as possible university campus has all the branches of banks available in Ukraine.

In addition to this, a student can have little bit entertainments in the month, pubs, cinema, and theatre are also not much expensive and can be managed in this amount twice or thrice a month.