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Exhibition of Gregory Matsyboka

June 2, 2017 at 15:00 in the second floor lobby of the Art Research Library named Michael Maksimovic grand opening of the exhibition “Here, three attempts have produced the entire complex, and then – poetry, music and love” artist from Kiev Gregory Matsyboka.
The exhibition combines thematic cycles: “violinist”, “Crimean nocturnes”, “Favst” and other works.
Gregory Matsybok – a graduate of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, a professional artist, illustrator and designer working in classical technique of landscape drawings and graphics in conjunction with the author kolazhnoyu techniques.
Opens exhibition cycle “violinist” epigraph to this work was the moving poetry “moths” Zabuzhko:
… And music schemna blood stem rozhaluzyla –
Through her voice flowed with such uzvysh stranger!
And this woman you – never in the eyelids can not stand,
Never raised on the shoulders of you it is not draped over a poem!
… And his lips are broken, and crushed, crumbled space
A raid days and days stuhonyat as Station …
Oh, this woman that you – and, in fact, not a woman, but the island:
It sail to smoke through a smoke-filled room …
– One by one, like windows, alien hands vidtsilovani
Memory fades at dusk – not zacheplyus!
Why this woman, someone nesholodzhena flour
Each comes with this pereplakanyy blues? …
Time of event: June 2 – June 30, 2017.
Location Hours: Monday to Friday – 09: 00-17: 30, Saturday-Sunday – closed.
Opening ceremony: June 2, 2017 at 15:00 – artistic atmosphere pleasant communication and aesthetic satisfaction guaranteed!
Among open-closing, each visitor can vote for the work that like most, and at the end of the exposure of survey participants will be a raffle of gifts.
Additionally, every Friday, at 17:00 held personal exhibition tour.
Registration on a personal tour: 097-65-33-780, 099-111-75-83.
Curator personal excursions: Natalia Matsybok-Starodub.
Closing of the exhibition: June 30, 2017 at 15:00 – You are waiting for interesting performances and prizes!